Our Management Team

The management of SEDI Enugu is led by Engr. David Dania, who is supported by professionals in various disciplines which includes seasoned, Engineers, Scientists, Administrators and other supporting staff.

Engr. David Dania
Managing Director/Chief Executive

Engineer David Dania is a Specialist in Automation Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence(AI), and Renewable Energy. He has wide varied engineering, industrial and multinational work experience. He has six publications and two patents, he developed the first solar panel manufacturing plant in Nigeria and the first made in Nigeria Motorcycle NASENI M1 at NEDDI Nnewi, just to mention a few of his acheivement. He is also an examplary manager of men and resources.

Lady Ibekwe A. A
(MBA,Banking and Finance CNA MNIM)
Director Technical Business Development

Lady Ibekwe A.A has served in every capacity in-line with Administration, Finance, Marketing. She is the arrow head and the individual that drives business development in Scientific Equipment Development Institute Enugu. Her initiatives and ideas has opened up new businesses and rekindled old and some-worth forgotten ones.

Mrs Uba L. C.
(M.Sc Bus. Admin, MNIM, MIPMA)
Head of Admin & Human Resources

Mrs Uba is an Administrator per excellence, she has shown great skill and leadership qualities in Administration and Human Resources. Her knowledge, understanding and Interpretation of the Civil Services rules and other documents like circulars and white papers is impecable. Little wonder the institute is a fore-runner in implementing Government directives.

Mr Ezeani C. C.
Director, Planning and Policy Evaluation

Budgeting and Planning is very structured in SEDI-Enugu,because of the wealth of experience Mr Ezeani brings. He directs and controls the institute's budgeting and financial forecasting activities. Leads the budgeting process for annual, quarterly and monthly budget development. He also develops budgetary policies and guidelines to meet short and long term financial goals.

Engr Tijani W.
Deputy Director Technical Services

Engineer Tijani Wakili is a blend of technical skill and academic excellence, he hold a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a skilled machinist, who has contributed in achieving many intricate technical works on various materials.

Mr Ugwu S.C.
(B.Tech, MMSN)
Deputy Director Scientific Research

Conductsresearch to further the knowledge and development of every field of Science the institute has embarked on, with emphasis on wood technology. He is the key player on creating several item with wood and most importantly, wood treatment and adding other materials to wood to enhance its usefulness.

Engr Ukwu N. O.
Deputy Director Production Services

Engineer Ukwu is a Mechanical Engineer, he is skilled in machine shop practices. He perfectly understands customers requirement and accordingly prepares production plan. Eng. Ukwu is key to the management team in overseeing the preparation of production proposals, schedules and leads customer meetings.

Mr Onwuham E. A.
(B.Urp Urban and Regional Planning, MNES)
Deputy Director Investment

Mr Onwuham has a functional and coordinating relationship with Investment Managers, Associates and Analyst and with members of the Value Creation Team. His background in Construction has made him highly versatile and an invaluable member of the management team.

Engr Ifediegwu C. N.
(M.Eng, Dip in Man, MNSE, COREN, MNMechE, AMNN)
Deputy Director Engineering Research

Engineer Ifediegwu is vast in almost every aspect of Engineering, though a Mechanical Engineer. He is responsible for the design and development of new products and improvement of existing technical processes. His wealth of experience make implementation of research results and new knowledge from engineering seem like a walk in the park.

Engr Ilochonwu C. E.
Deputy Director Engineering Design Services

Engineer Ilochonwu has worked in the institute as Head of the only functional Foundry in the South East for many functional years. As research Coordinator he plans, implements and maintains data collection and analysis systems in support of research protocol; recruits, instructs, and coordinates research subject and/or volunteers, as appropriate to specific study objectives and work scope.

Dr Ozoiwu E.
Deputy Director Assembly & Finishing

Engineer Dr Ozoihu is Head of the General Laboratory Unit. As a researcher, his works has impacted the value of the Institute’s product line especially in fighting COVID 19. He was part of the team that developed the NASENI Disinfectant tunnel

Engr. Agwunedu R. C.
Project Implementaion Coordinator

Engineer Agwunedu like most members of the management team is very experienced in every aspect of the institute activities, and as Coordinator of Project implementation, he conveys timelines, deliverables, risks, delays and impacts to project team members and leads teams when required. He recommends to management the status of all ongoing projects, anticipates delays and initiates plans and alternative solutions.

Mr Anichebe L. S.
Principle Accountant-Audit

Objectively assess the institute business processes. Assess its risks and the efficacy of its risk management efforts. Ensure that the institute is complying with relevant laws and statutes, evaluates internal control and makes reccommendations on improvement. He is an ANAN certified accountant, with many years of cognate experience.

Mrs Chukwu I. C.
Head of Accounts

Mrs Chukwu has served the institute for several years in the area of finance and accounting. Her duties presently includes overseeing all accounting activities, supervision and management of general accounting activities, analysis, business partnership and the maintenance of effective internal controls while ensuring statutory compliance to laws guiding public sector accounting initiatives.

Mr Maduka T. D.

Manages protocol matters through maintaining political sensitivities, formulating and planning programs and other logistic arrangements; to facilitate the visit of officials, international dignitaries, members of intergovernmental organizations, etc. He also handle internal and external legal concerns, and does everything within his power to keep the institute out of legal trouble.