Agro and Allied Equipment

Our Agro and Allied Equipment is known for quality nation wide.

This machine uses hot air to remove the water from foods like fruits, meats and vegetables. It is a commercial device that aids preservation and very useful in the Agricultural food chain.
Automated Feed Plant
This particular Automated Feed Plant is a special machine used for making fish feeds. The feeds produced by this machine is very low in density and floats on the surface of water to enhance constant feeding. The machine can be optimized to produce larger qauntity.
Cabinet Dryer
This Cabinet Dryer is used for batch drying of solid items at small or moderate scale, although can be optimize to fit larger processing. It consist of a closed compartment in which trays containing the item to be dried is placed. The cabinet dryer is built in a way that moisture is evenly removed from the items placed in it.
This is a machine used for growing organisms under controlled conditions. Used in industrial processes to produce pharmaceuticals, vaccines, or antibodies. It is also used to convert raw materials into useful byproducts such as in the biconversion of corn into ethanol.
Dual Powered Biomass Extruder
This machine is used for producing compact briquettes of mashed charcoal further domestic and industrial used
Batch Tray Dryer
This incredible machine dries grains or items at a time by continuous circulation of hot air. The volume of item to be dried is fixed by the holding capacity of the dryer. In the dryer moisture is removed from the item placed on the tray by a forced conventional heating, the moist air is conducted partially but in a simultaneous fashion
Mobile Cassava Grater
This machine is used for grating peeled cassava tubers.
Coconut Oil Extractor
This machine is used for extracting coconut oil from the coconut head that has been mashed and dried.
Digester Machine
SPECIFICATIONS: Capacity --- Efficiency --- 85%
  1. Palm Fruit Bunch Stripper
  2. Boiler
  3. Conveyor
  4. Digester
  5. Oil Expeller
  6. Oil Filter
  7. Oil Storage Tank
Dry Flour Hammer Mill
This machine is used for milling agro products like cassava, maize, etc. into fine powder (flour) thereby adding to their value chain and further preserving them.
Heat Grill
This machine is used for grilling meat, fish, etc. it has a unique feature of preventing the item grilled from having direct contact with the heat source and such improving on the quality and hygiene of the finished product.
Juice Extractor
This Juice extractor is for industrial use and like most of our products, it can be optimized to accomodate larger capacity. It is used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, while leaving the pulp and skin behind.
Modify Cassava Grater
A cassava grater is one of the key equipment used in garri production. It is used to crush peeled cassava into mash before fermentation. This is a modified version of our previous cassava graters, and it is also mobile.
Pap Making Machine
The Pap (ogi or akamu) Making Machine was conceived based on Nigerian's need to consume Pap, that is produced under very hygienic condition. The machine makes it easy for the production of Pap, with no human contact till after packaging. It also reduces waste and the stress associated with conventional process of pap making. Finally this machine makes bulk processing seamless.
Pedal Cassava Pilling Machine
The Pedal Cassava Pilling Machine is a simple machine designed to meet the needs of rural dwellers. Its a simple but effective machine, thats reduces stress, supports bulk processing and eliminates any concerns about energy source and issues surrounding it.
Rice Thresher
This agricultural machine is used for separating wheat, peas, soybeans and other small grain and seed crops from its chaff and straw.The traditional threshing methods involves beating by hand or trampling by human feets or animal hooves.
Tunel Dryer
This machine is an enhancement to Tray Dryer, due to several reasons which includes more volume of materials to be dried per time, introduction of motion which is due to the size of machine chamber and in some cases total elimination of tray, to make the item move around the chamber as moisture reduce
Cassava Peeling Machine
The machine peels, washes and discharges cassava tuber before they are ready for grating.